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Sandy Pond Crier (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

  • 150th Anniversary Open House
  • Update on the Restoration Project
  • A Brief History of the Single Room Schoolhouse

Sandy Pond Crier (Vol 1. Issue 3)

  • What's Going On at Sandy Pond School?
  • Update on Phase IA
  • A 150th Birthday Celebration

Sandy Pond Crier  (Vol 1. Issue 2)

  • A Day in a One Room School
  • The SPSA Story

Sandy Pond Crier (Vol 1. Issue 1)

  • A Brief History of Sandy Pond Schoolhouse
  • The Schoolhouse Years: 1869-1906
  • A Second Chapter: 1908-Present

July 2016 Landscape Improvements

2017: The Conditions Assessment

Beginning in 2014, a major priority was getting Sandy Pond Schoolhouse on the National Register of Historic Places.  This multi-year effort was made possible by a generous grant from the Board of Selectmen, which enabled SPSA to hire Stacy E. Spies a Historic Preservation Consultant to research and prepare the necessary documentation. The final Nomination was unanimously approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission in December 2016 and formal listing on the National Register followed in May 2017. The plaque commemorating this was presented to SPSA by the Ayer Historical Commission in September 2019.

In September 2016, thanks to funding from the Ayer CPC, SPSA signed an agreement with Spencer & Vogt of Charlestown, MA for preparation of a professional  conditions assessment of the schoolhouse. That report, which was delivered under budget and on time in April 2017, has in turn provided the basis for our long-term restoration and preservation plan, the first phase of which is now underway.

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Sandy Pond Schoolhouse News

The Sandy Pond Crier

Sandy Pond Schoolhouse sits on a triangular parcel of land which, like the school, was conveyed to SPSA by the Town in 1908. Over time the lot became heavily wooded. A survey this past spring found a total of 22 trees on the site, of which several posed potential threats to the schoolhouse. These included two very large trees behind the school and a smaller maple next to the foundation. On Monday, July 11, 2016, HM Flagg Tree Service of Ayer removed  these and two other trees while expertly pruning several of the remaining ones, undertaking this work at a greatly discounted price. In grateful appreciation for their highly professional work and generous financial support, SPSA is pleased to recognize HM Flagg Service as our first Corporate Sponsor

Listing on National Register of Historic Places