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Yesterday, Today, & Paying It Forward

How You Can Help

There are two easy ways to donate to the Sandy Pond School Association:

  1. Online via PayPal (see below)
  2. By sending a check directly to us at the address on the Contact page

SPSA is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible

That Sandy Pond School is still with us today, 147 years after it was built and some 120 years since the last classes were dismissed is a small miracle.  ​​Had history followed its normal course, Sandy Pond School would have been torn down within a few years after its closure in 1906. Across north central Massachusetts, only a handful of other single room school buildings still stand, and even fewer that are equally well preserved while retaining their original appearance. Here in Ayer, Sandy Pond School stands alone, a sole survivor of the single room school era. Beyond that, It is the oldest municipal building in our little community, one that is two years older than the Town of Ayer itself. 

The challenge facing us today is to preserve Sandy Pond School for future generations, as our predecessors did for us. And to do that costs money. Fortunately, we expect that most of the anticipated capital expenses for restoration and repair work on the building proper can be funded via grants. Grant monies to fund operational expenses such as insurance, utilities, routine maintenance, marketing, and event-related activities, however, are in very short supply. Together, these amount to several thousand dollars a year, monies that are required simply to maintain the status quo. As a small non-profit with limited resources, SPSA depends on donations to cover these expenses and to help us move forward on implementation of our vision for Sandy Pond School. 

With your help, SPSA will be able to restore, maintain, and enhance Sandy Pond Schoolhouse, open it to the public on a regular basis, and ensure the continued preservation of this unique cultural and historical resource ​for future generations. 

Please do consider donating to this worthy cause.