About Sandy Pond Schoolhouse

Sandy Pond School Association  ​A 501(c)3 organization

Today, our goal is to repair, restore, and maintain this historic little school, to reopen it to the public, and to ensure its long-term preservation as a historical and cultural resource for the community. 

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In 1908, the Town of Ayer conveyed ownership of the school to the Sandy Pond School Association, a newly formed group of local citizens—many

of whom were alumni. Thanks to the Association’s efforts over the years, the Sandy Pond School stands in remarkably well preserved condition.

Entering this little building today is like stepping into a time warp.   The teacher’s desk at the front of the room, slate blackboards, rows of wooden student desks, tongue and groove birch flooring, kerosene lamps, plaster walls and ceiling, and the wood stove at the back of the room evoke memories of an earlier era.

Constructed in 1869, the Sandy Pond School is Ayer’s oldest municipal building and only surviving single-room schoolhouse. It was originally built to serve the Groton, Massachusetts School District No. 11. When Ayer separated from Groton In 1871, it became part of the new community's school system and continued in that role until closed in 1906. Since 1908 it has been owned and maintained by the Sandy Pond School Association.