January 2019 Update

The first phase of the Sandy Pond Schoolhouse Restoration and Preservation Project, funded by a generous grant from the Ayer Community Preservation Committee, is now underway.  This phase will include the following work: 

  • Foundation repair and stabilization
  • Masonry repair
  • Replacement of the classroom ceiling
  • Selected priority structural repairs

The following steps have now been completed:

  • Spencer, Sullivan & Vogt of Charlestown, MA has been retained as lead consultant for the project
  • Detailed plans and specifications have been reviewed & approved by the Ayer Historical Commission

The next step is to put the project out to contractors for bids. This will be done late winter/early spring of this year, with the goal of selecting a contractor and completing the work over the summer of 2019.

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Sandy Pond School Association A 501(c)3 organization

Welcome to the home of the Sandy Pond School Association. Founded in 1908, SPSA has owned, maintained, and preserved Ayer's historic Sandy Pond Schoolhouse for over 100 years. The founding members of SPSA were local residents, most of whom had also attended Sandy Pond School. Their goal was to preserve the school following its closing in 1906 and make use of it for reunions and community events. The first Sandy Pond School Annual Reunion took place on June 27, 1908. On December 22, 1908, the Town of Ayer officially conveyed the property to the Association for the price of $1.00.

A century later, alumni of Sandy Pond School are a scarce commodity, but SPSA endures. The small group of volunteers who comprise today’s Association share their predecessors’ commitment to preserving this unique little building. Today's SPSA seeks not only to preserve the building but to enhance Sandy Pond Schoolhouse's role as a piece of living history and a cultural resource that is open to the community now and for generations to come.

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