A Vision for Sandy Pond School

Sandy Pond School will be:

  • Professionally restored, structurally sound, and sustainably funded
  • Open to the public on a regular basis
  • Available to local school classes and students for historical instruction and enrichment
  • Recognized as a valued historical and cultural resource

For how you can help, please see Getting Involved.

Welcome to the home of the Sandy Pond School Association. Founded in 1908, SPSA has owned, maintained, and preserved Ayer's historic Sandy Pond Schoolhouse for over 100 years. SPSA emerged from a community movement to preserve and make use of the school for community events following its closing in 1906. The first Sandy Pond School Annual Reunion took place on June 27, 1908. On December 22, 1908, the Town of Ayer officially conveyed the property to the newly founded Sandy Pond School Association for the price of $1.00.

The founding members of SPSA were local residents, most of whom had also attended Sandy Pond School. A century later, living alumni of Sandy Pond School are a scarce commodity, but SPSA endures as do its goals. The small group of local volunteers who comprise today’s Association share their predecessors’ commitment to preserving this unique little building.

We are mindful, however, that there is more to preservation than keeping the building upright. Our goal today is not only to preserve the building but to enhance Sandy Pond Schoolhouse's role as a piece of living history and a cultural resource that is open to the community now and for generations to come.

Sandy Pond School Association  ​A 501(c)3 organization